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Tooth Whitening is becoming very popular today, because more and more people want a bright white, professional smile.

What is involved:

To complete a course of whitening requires a number of visits to your dentist …

Your dentist will take some impressions of your teeth, from which your own individual whitening trays will be made.

Your dentist will check the fit of your trays and then show you how they fit over your teeth and you will be given a demonstration on how to apply the whitening gel into the trays. An initial shade (the existing colour of your teeth) will be recorded and you will be given the appropriate number of syringes of whitening gel to take home with you.

Your dentist will review your teeth at the end of the first or second week and another shade will be taken to see how much lighter your teeth have become.

Before and after teeth whitening at King Street Dental Practice, Odiham

The trays are normally worn at night, while sleeping, for up to 2 weeks.