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King Street Dental Practice


We firmly believe that the highest quality of dentistry should be available to all and we place a very strong emphasis on the prevention of dental problems.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Practice.



Extensive range of services

General dental care plus cosmetic treatments, implants, dentures and orthodontics including Invisalign.

A Personal Approach

We focus treatment on your individual needs, taking into account your aspirations, concerns & worries.

Advanced Facilities

With the best quality materials, we use experienced dental technicians in a variety of laboratories.

NHS & Private

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of treatments to all of our patients.

NHS Dental Registration

In order to keep your NHS registration at King Street Dental Practice you need to attend regularly. Due to the high number of patients wishing to receive NHS dental treatment we have no choice but to de-register patients who have not attended for 3 years. The NHS de-register you after 2 years and we are obliged to replace you.


How to keep your NHS Registration

• Always attend any appointment booked or if you do need to cancel please call 24 hours in advance

• Book your next appointment before leaving the Practice

• Call us to let us know if there is a particular reason you haven’t been attending regularly so we can make a note on your record

• Check and update your contact details, especially phone numbers so you don’t miss our reminder calls


Failure to attend (FTA)

All NHS appointments are in great demand and when you fail to attend or cancel at short notice that is surgery time wasted, a time when we could have seen another patient, perhaps someone in pain.

In accordance with NHS guidelines, if you have 2 missed appointments within a 12 month period,then unfortunately we will not be able to offer you any more.